Maax Spas

MAAX® originated in 1969 with the founding of Modern Fiberglass and Metal and grew into a leading manufacturer of modern whirlpool systems in the bathtub industry. MAAX® soon became synonymous for long lasting quality and innovation. Your new MAAX® Spas hot tub will provide you the ultimate luxury home spa experience.Learn More about Maax Spas

Vita Spas

The world’s first appliance grade hot tub.
As a leading brand in hot water and lifestyle products Vita Spa has continually challenged the design of it’s products and the status quo of the hot water products industry. Let us show you what we mean by “appliance grade” and why the result is a better and more convenient hot tub for you.Learn More about Vita Spas

Marquis Spas

The ultimate hot tub experience! The moment you first set your eyes on a Marquis you’ll be dazzled by the artistry with which it was sculpted – the sinuous, organic styling that threads throughout the body – the river rock footwell, hand-picked from an Oregon river – and the solid, exclusive DuraWood.Learn More about Marquis Spas

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Why Choose Spa Kingdom?

  • Customers come first! We will work hard to maintain our great reputation!
  • We are family owned and operated and will treat you just like family!
  • Our selection of spas comes from three of the most reliable and durable companies in the country!
  • We can deliver your new spa directly to your home!
  • We offer parts and service for all makes and models of pools and spas!

What Clients Say

This is just a quick note to let you know how much we have been enjoying our new Maax spa. This is the third hot tub I’ve owned and it is by far superior to the other two. The jets offer amazing therapy and the extra depth of the foot-well makes changing seats and exiting much easier. Although I considered buying a less expensive hot tub similar to my previous two, every time I use my Maax spa I rejoice in my decision to spend the extra money for such a quality product.
Lawrence Cross, , Ph.D.
Thanks so much for rushing this order. You made us feel that we mattered and due to our situation the spa needed to be a rush order. We certainly appreciate your great customer service. We won’t hesitate to refer people to your company, especially after we are enjoying our spa, and we are looking for the permit approval approximately in two weeks. We definately will be wanting shipment before April 18th, and we will call you as soon as we have a date for delivery.
Vicki Shimer, Happy Customer
I purchased my spa at Spa Kingdom in July of 2004, based upon Spa Kingdom’s fine reputation of quality product and service. Since then, the staff has met all of my needs for almost 7 years. Matt, Greg, and the others are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and very customer service oriented. The staff has always responded promptly for checkups or to maintain my spa at my home when needed.
I feel strongly that the spa I purchased is of the highest quality and continues to meet all of our needs to this day – as if it was brand new! I love the fact that we have so many choices on the motor speeds and can apply so many adjustments to the water jets and/or air controls in order to fine tune the system for our personal comfort. For me, the maintenance and care of the spa is minimal to keep it clean and crystal clear. The staff is always available to answer all of my questions and provide professional guidance.
It is without hesitation or any reservations that I provide my highest recommendation for Spa Kingdom to meet all customers’ needs and for those who desire the highest quality and/or true therapeutic spa.
Jim Carbonneau,, The Villages, FL
I would like to take this opportunity to recount what a pleasure it has been to do business with you and your employees. This is a rarity in this day and age.
My first contact with your establishment was with Kevin Morse, who patiently fielded all my many calls, answered all my questions and returned my calls at the time he said he would. His demeanor and personality makes one happy and pleased to do business with your firm.
After our purchase, the delivery was accomplished as promised by Matt and Greg, who performed the setup and answered many questions from a novice like me. They were both very helpful and polite as well , and without elaboration, your personal kindness is also noted.
I would not hesitate for one moment to recommend you and your company to my many friends and acquaintances and plan to do so.
Again, thank you very much and best wishes to all of you.
Henry F. Pilker, Thanks again
It is with pleasure that I write concerning my treatment at your business, Spa Kingdom, since purchasing my Maax 481 Jacuzzi from you. The delivery and set-up was done in a very professional manner and all aspects of the functions were explained in detail before anyone left. Since then, any questions, whether by telephone or at the store were always answered to my satisfaction. It is a pleasure dealing with your business and would surely recommend anyone interested in your products to see you for their needs.
Again thank you for your service.
Brenda Longenbach
, Leesburg, Florida
I purchased my spa at Spa Kingdom in 2006,based on, neighbors input on your reputation and quality product….
At set up, Matt and Greg answered every question I had. Both helpful and polite!
Returning from summer holiday I need a new start up! Cody ,does a excellent job and I’m in the spa the next day.
Thanks for your product and service>>>in this day and age SERVICE is all you have to sell me…you rate number one!
Sammy Isaac, Sincererly
I discovered Spa Kingdom when my old Spa needed repair. The repair service was excellent which led me to the eventual purchase of a new Maxx Spa. Everyone at Spa Kingdom was knowledgeable, friendly, and very easy to deal with in a completely non-pressure atmosphere. They have by far the one of the top product lines with the largest selection of all types and sizes of spas in the area. The Spa was delivered fast and free as a complete package, including the cover, cover lift, steps, and a very nice supply of chemicals with no additional charges or other non-sense. I highly recommend Spa Kingdom if you are in the market for a new Spa, repair, or supplies.
Matt Purkey, Eustis Fl
Dear Spa Kingdom
Just wanted to tell you all how much I have enjoyed the friendly services and products you have. I purchased my hot tub from you two years ago and when ever I have had any questions you are always there to help. It has been a terrific experience which I would recommend to others.
To Greg, Matt, Tony, Norm and Larry; Thanks
Larry Haskel, The Villages
We are so happy that we bought our spa from Spa Kingdom. All the employees have been so helpful that it made buying a spa easy. I would highly recommend Spa Kingdom
Signed: Richard McKee, 11/19/11
Seldome, if ever do you experience the Spa Kingdom type of service during and following the sale. They spend as much time as necessary to explain all features of your spa and also how to maintain it. At no time was there an attempt to sell more services.
Cory Krugh, Theme Fusion